Class ResultSetMethodizer

  extended by com.evanmclean.evlib.velocity.AbstractResultSetMethodizer
      extended by com.evanmclean.evlib.velocity.ResultSetMethodizer
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public class ResultSetMethodizer
extends AbstractResultSetMethodizer

A wrapper around a JDBC ResultSet that allows Velocity templates to access the columns in a template friendly way.

If you had a result set based on the following SQL statement:

 SELECT user_id, first_name, surname
 FROM users

And you add the result set to your context, wrapped in this methodizer, such as:

 context.put("query", new ResultSetMethodizer(result_set));

Then in your velocity template you could access it like this:

 #foreach( $row in $query )
   The ID for $row.FirstName $row.Surname is $row.UserId

Note that the result set must remain open while the template is merged. If you want a version that stores the results so you can close it immediately, use RowSetMethodizer.

See AbstractResultSetMethodizer.getPropertyNames(String) for details on how column names are mapped to property names by default.

Evan McLean McLean Computer Services (see the overview for copyright and licensing.)

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Constructor Summary
ResultSetMethodizer(ResultSet rs)
Method Summary
 boolean hasNext()
 AbstractResultSetMethodizer.Row next()
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Constructor Detail


public ResultSetMethodizer(ResultSet rs)
                    throws SQLException
Method Detail


public boolean hasNext()


public AbstractResultSetMethodizer.Row next()